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950 Classic Organ


Beautiful medium oak Rodgers solid hardwood console with external audio system for filling any size church building. Parallel Digital Imaging technology, 3 manuals, lighted draw knobs, 54 stops, external audio systems from 2 to 10 channels, excellent condition. Divided expression with crescendo, 4 memory levels with expansion by Personal Memory Card, Rodgers high-quality expression shoes, touch-sensitive keys and modern MIDI system. Lighted music rack. Features Rodgers’ Voice Palette system for greater variety of stop color. Fully pipe compatible.


Rodgers Classic 940


Beautiful 3-manual drawknob Rodgers organ. Medium oak console finish. Organ may control up to 10 external audio channels to fill a room of nearly any size. Also a perfect organ to build a Marshall & Ogletree Revelation System around! One of Rodgers' most popular models, Rodgers 940 models continue to serve churches and organists all over the country. 


Masterpiece 838


Spectacular custom-designed 2-manual Rodgers Masterpiece organ with deluxe mechanical (moving) drawknobs. 39 stops with Rodgers' Voice Palette™ system for enhanced specification. Organ may control up to 12 external audio channels to fill a room of nearly any size. Also a perfect organ to build a Marshall & Ogletree Revelation System around! One of the finest 2 manual Rodgers organs ever built.


Theatre 360


Beautiful real American solid wood dark oak case with external audio system capable of filling any size building, from 2-10 external channels. Parallel Digital Imaging technology, 3 manuals, 66 moving stop tabs, 32’ pedal stop, Divided expression with settable crescendo pedal, 4 memory levels with unlimited memory storage via MIDI sequencer, Rodgers high-quality expression shoes, fully-equipped MIDI system. Lighted music rack. Fully pipe-compatible. The only digital-era Rodgers Theatre organ ever built!


Rodgers C-445


One of the most useful little instruments Rodgers ever made! This is from the series of organs which actually splits apart separating the top and bottom parts of the console. This makes it easy to move and easy to fit through tight hallways and doorways. Perfect for upstairs practice rooms or apartment living. This full-size AGO console comes with Rodgers Type 1 pedalboard, which was the same as they used on the custom 4-manuals! 10 general pistons, 2 memory levels, divided expression, transposer, tuning control and headphone jacks. Even has 10 toe pistons! One of Rodgers' best idea instruments.


Windsor 840


Premium 59-stop 3-manual pre-digital-era instrument, 2-10 channel external audio available, medium oak finish, superb condition, Rodgers pipe-compatible (2-17 ranks). Festival Trumpet stop, two 32’ Pedal stops, sub and super couplers on all manuals, fully functional MIDI system allows for complete record and playback. The 840 was a fully-featured, late-analog-era Rodgers organ, one of the most popular models in their history. Solid wood German keyboards with real ebony sharps! Includes customized stoplist for use as Marshall & Ogletree Revelation console.


Concord 745


Gorgeous late analog era Rodgers organ with full MIDI implementation. This console is in like-new condition, and can power up to 5 independent audio channels. Perfect for a nice, solid ome practice organ, or an inexpensive church organ for up to 400 seat room. Don't miss this opportunity to own a Rodgers Classic Organ for a low, low price.