Note - Pre-owned organs are for sale ONLY within our New England Rodgers sales territory.

NEW! Organ Wishlist Program

Rodgers Organs of New England is pleased to announce our new "Organ Wishlist" program! If you're looking for a pre-owned instrument for your church, home, school or hall, let us know what you're looking for and we'll notify you when something appropriate comes available.

Pre-owned instruments become available to us through trade-ins, consignments and purchases. Sometimes an instrument becomes available from a closed church or from an estate sale, and we are contacted to help with resale and relocation. We will let you know when something comes along that you'd love to have!

Call us today at 781-444-5790 or email us at and let us help you find a great instrument to play and enjoy.


950B Deluxe Classic Organ


Beautiful dark oak Rodgers solid hardwood console with external audio system for filling any size church building. Parallel Digital Imaging technology, deluxe solid-wood German keyboards featuring ebony wood sharps, lighted draw knobs, 54 stops, external audio systems from 2 to 10 channels, superb condition. Divided expression with crescendo, 4 memory levels with expansion by Personal Memory Card, Rodgers high-quality expression shoes, touch-sensitive keys and modern MIDI system. Lighted music rack. Features Rodgers’ Voice Palette system for greater variety of stop color. Fully pipe compatible. One of Rodgers' greatest and most sought after instruments!